Connecting Digital Currency

To The Real Economy

Crypto is Digital Currency

"Once a superior technology emerges, it is only a matter of time before it dominates"

[Robert Salisbury - Coinport]
Just as the Internet changed our lives, Digital Currency is about to change it again. Its superiority over Old Money, and underlying Blockchain technology represent an epoch defining step forward for the biggest commodity on the planet: Money.

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Why Digital Currency

Accepting payments in digital currency

Coinport is the engine behind Merchanting Services like Deedz - Australia's First Crypto Donations for Charity portal.

Evidence of Success

  • Hong Kong based Binance [Est. 2017] turnover $3 Billion

  • San Francisco based Coinbase [Est. 2015] valued $8 Billion

  • European based Krakken adding 50,000 new clients per day

    Austrac Regulated

    The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre - AUSTRAC, regulates digital exchanges in Australia. Coinport Pty Ltd will offer an online portal for the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrency, compliant with Know Your Client, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Rules, as specified by AUSTRAC. Details of our policy can be downloaded.

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