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Buyers Agent for Sydney Property

Robert Salisbury is a Buyers Agent with Phillip Banks. He founded Phillip Banks in 2005 and brings over 10 years experience in buying and selling property. Before dealing in property he was a London Equity dealer and has bought and sold property for himself and for clients. He has bought for individuals wanting to purchase their dream home, for commercial property investors and for property developers, looking to landbank. He is an property auctioneer and has experience in buying, sub-dividing and marketing land for investment.


Robert Salisbury

"Every client is different, but there are some simple guidelines for buying property, which can help".
Guidelines for buying property include:

    Location - select 3 postcodes
    Budget - name your price, allowing a 20% margin higher or lower
    Must Haves - details those aspects that you cannot live without
    Desirables - detail those aspects you would preferrable

    "The most important aspect when buying property is understanding what you want."

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