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Phillip Banks are working on 'Smart Contracts' on the blockchain to help clients buy, sell, manage and rent their property. By embracing new technology they will be able to improve the speed of settlement and reduce the cost of selling property. They also advocate minimal spend on Print, Advertising and / or Marketing, whilst employing an extensive database of known buyers to sell rapidly at a low-to-no cost to the vendor.

Phillip Banks work with Residential & Commercial property owners to help them implement long term strategies for gain. Their appraisal service helps those managing SMSFs or owners looking to sell. They work with retailers, wholesalers and private clients, offering a confidential service, buying and selling both on and off the market.

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"Why pay for marketing when we have clients wanting to buy"

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Our Scope

  • Phillip Banks is involved with residential and commercial property
  • WallFund invests in strategic property for development and/or income
  • Phillip Banks accepts Bitcoin and Ethereum for payment of fees and commissions

  • Terms of Business

    Commissions and Fees by Bank, Paypal or Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin & Ethereum)

    Marketing Not Included
    10% Discount for Advance Payment
    Open Sales
    Marketing Not Included
    10% Discount for Advance Payment
    Buyers Agent
    Plus Disbursements
    $1,000 Advance Payment
    $80,000 p.a.
    Marketing Not Included
    10% Discount for Advance Payment


    Using a professional gives you the edge

    Robert Salisbury offers a confidential and efficient Buyers Agent service. He can locate, assess, negotiate and secure property to your specification. Whether you are wanting to buy a home, a commercial property for your business or property for development, Robert Salisbury can act on your behlaf. Take the stress, time and uncertainty out of property purchase. To discuss the kind of property you wish to buy contact Robert Salisbury.